Womens Resource Center

Women’s Resource Centerx

The Women’s Resource Center in Newport, RI was in dire need of a new porch, roof, stairs, and railings. As an historic building, ESHI had to recreate the structure with the same materials and details as the original. ESHI Builders removed the existing landscaping and porch structure, replaced the footings, and provided metal supports instead of wood. Aside from the metal posts, the remainder of the porch was rebuilt using the same materials as the original structure. The deck is made of Fir planks which require sealing before the weather elements can touch the surface. Since the weatherproofing sealer needs to cure at a temperature of above 45 degrees Farenheit, ESHI provided a large tarp and heater to enclose the space and treat the deck. Painting, new copper gutters, and new landscaping were finished in the Spring as planned.